Predict of cracking C5 resin production trend
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According to the updated news that the production of cracking C5 will keep increasing in the future years. There will increase 1.24 million metric tons production equipment of cracking C5 from 2018 to 2023 and the capability will be 4 million metric tons till 2023.
Demand of downstream market:
①Hot melt road marking paint
Road signs and road marking paint generally referred to road sign paint, as paint additives, C5 petroleum resin can speed up the dry paint film, improve the water resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and surface hardness and gloss. By adding 10% to 30% of petroleum resin, traffic paint will perform  excellent adhesion, durability, good heat stability and weather resistance in the process of production.
In recent years, the annual growth rate (CAGR) of road paint usage at home and abroad is significantly higher than the total mileage of open roads (3.5% and 2.6%), due to reasons such as the increasing number of road maintenance and the increasing proportion of high-grade roads driving the demand for high-grade road paint.
Combining with the guidance and prediction of state council “the 13th five year plan” for the development of modern comprehensive transportation system, the growth rate of new roads is expected to slow down, but after entering to the curing period, the old road maintenance quantity will be increased year by year, coupled with the high grade highway number stable growth, we expect the increasing trend of traffic paint and road construction will be more obvious in the future.This will drive the use of road sign paint to reach 560,000 tons by 2022.
If only rely on the matrix resin melting at a certain temperature, once the temperature decrease, the internal cohesion of adhesive will drop or even lose the bonding ability. The addition of petroleum resin could not only improve the viscosity and wettability of hot melt adhesive, but also improve the surface contact effect and adhesion performance.The ideal balance among viscosity, cohesion and interface strength is obtained. With rapid demand of adhesive, the required quantity of hydrocarbon resin in recent years is predictable increasing.

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