Factors that influence price of DCPD resin
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The price of cracking C5 is decreasing possibly, and hence the cost of DCPD is decreasing too.
①Relevant product - phthalic anhydride:
The weakness of downstream demand is difficult to change, and under the pressure of loss, the resistance to phthalic anhydride continues to increase, which popularized the phenomenon of surrender of part of profits. It is expected the demand trend of phthalic anhydride is weak, although based on the supply pressure there will be rising slowly, and decline is limited, but as raw materials go down, after the negative period, follow-up decline is still predicable.
②Downstream market of unsaturated polyester resin:
Domestic unsaturated resin market is steady. Recent trend of main raw material market remains partial shock, and the raw materials pressure for hydrocarbon resin enterprise is limited, while rigid demand of downstream market is general, and hence enterprise offer intention is flat, it is estimated that recently unsaturated resin market will maintain stable trend.

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